Monday, March 28, 2011

I survived Bootcamp Penang


Mon - 0830hrs - Jalan Lembah Permai - Tg Bungah
Tues - 1830hrs- Youth Park- Penang
Sun - 0830hrs - Botanical Gardens- Penang

Our Mission


Why Us ?

  • Bootcamp is fun, exhilarating and stress busting.
  • Bootcamp is different from other fitness training programs.
  • We motivate and challenge you to realize your personal fitness goals.
  • We train in natural environment. Get close to the nature.
  • Make new friends and have laugh doing it together.
  • Get one on one advice from our instructors.
  • Build your mental toughness and confidence
  • Effective and fun way to loose body fat and get fit.
  • We BELIEVE you CAN succeed and we care that you DO succeed!
  • Develop "Fitness for Life "

Why Join ?

  • Lose weight and get in shape faster!
  • Train in an outdoor environment!
  • Experience something different!
  • Have Fun!
  • Reduce stress!
  • Make new friends!
  • Professional Instructors!
  • Fitness advice that works!

* Training is run at different intensities to suit all fitness levels. So don't feel intimidated. You will work as hard as your fitness level allows!


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Why Bootcamp PG

BOOTCAMP is a NEW outdoor fitness training programmed for both men and women which uses the New Fitness Techniques and guided by professional instructors to motivate and encourage you to achieve better weight loss, increase fitness and mental strength in a fun exhilarating environment. Our formulated exercise programs allow people of different fitness levels to work at their own pace but also be motivated to push harder for more effective results. Of course all done in the best, training, weight loss environment “the great outdoors!”

The Bootcamp program will incorporate both regular routines for familiarity and the latest exercising methods to create a more exciting training experience. Each session is aimed to be unique, different and invigorating. The group sessions will also encourage healthy interactions between each new recruit a great way to get to know each other & make new friends.

Bootcamp also bridges the gap between specific gym classes, which could be mundanely structured and impersonal, and personal training sessions, which can be costly! Here, even exercising together in a group, we will still try to understand your individual fitness goals and help you attain them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Safety First  
Prior to Joining: 

Warrior Bootcamp Penang is designed for persons of all fitness levels but like joining any physical activity it important that you have undertaken a medical check-up and are declared medically fit to participate in outdoor high intensity physical fitness activities. Our training is not suitable:
·         For pregnant women or those who have just given birth
·  Persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, chest pains, heart conditions or recovering from heart surgery, severe knee pains / joint problems, slipped disc / spine conditions or lower back pains.
·         Persons with asthma
·      Age limit 15-  55 years   

Before a Bootcamp Exercise Session: 
We will encourage all our recruits (students) to declare to the Warrior Bootcamp instructor if they have any illnesses or injuries prior to the start of each session

Dress and Deportment:
All recruits (students) must wear the proper gym gear including proper running shoes during the session. You will not be allowed to train in flips flops, sandals, jeans or swim wear. All jewellery which could catch on equipment should be removed prior to the start of the class. 

All  Warrior Bootcamp Penang instructors and their assistants shall endeavour to advise and guide the recruits (students) to train in a safe and proper manner during each exercise session. However Warrior Bootcamp Penang shall not be held responsible for any injuries suffered by any of the recruits (students) during the course of exercising and/or as a result of the exercise. If any of the students suffer any sickness or illness they are advised to seek medical advice promptly.

Sunday, March 13, 2011



- Normal gym training gear

-Running shoes only


-Dry change of clothes

- Positive can do attitude
We also train in the rain so expect to get a bit muddy and dirty it is part of the outdoor training experience.

We have also learned that training in the rain does not give you the flu but a cold body is yes more vulnerable. Therefore we want to reassure you that you will never be COLD J at a Warrior Bootcamp session. NEVER J

However we do recommend you put on a dry top after the class to minimize the risk.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Other services

- Personal Training  
- Marine Bootcamp
- Team building
- Leadership Training 

Please contact us directly for more info

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 Focused training: In 1 hour of WBC you will burn more calories & fat than with other training programs

Fun and friendly atmosphere: All are welcome- games - make new friends 

Variety: No two classes are the same- non-traditional equipment- games - different locations

Positive “can do” training environment Be more inspired to achieve your goals

Fun functional exercises:  train your  body to handle real life situations

Personalized advice: One on One attention- we really care you see results !!

All over body workout: Develop core strength – build general fitness - improve athletic performance

  Improve injury prevention: better prepare your body for specific sport -  safety first  

Reduce Stress : Green training locations proven to be better for wellness  and stress

Motivation: Money off for training harder- Rewards for performance & effort 
 Fair price:For expert training & advise   

Measurable : Fitness Testing & challenges evaluate your progress

 An Environmentally Friendly Fitness Activity