Definition of Health: 

"The state of being free from illness or injury. A person's mental or physical condition"  Oxford English  dictionary 

Modernity has resulted in new lifestyles for kids , more calorie intake , less movement, time spent online ,watching tv, more demands to perform academically. A high percentage of kids therefore are missing out on a key ingredient of their personal development " Play" and " Physical Activity" . Through play kids can form healthier habits, learn to like sports, gain greater self esteem, confidence and socials skills (all which are transferable into the work place and life)

Warrior Junior BC is designed to help kids develop a healthy and active lifestyle. It is a fun training program that will increase nutritional awareness, cardiovascular  fitness, strength , balance , co-ordination , physical agility  & flexibility. We also use sport style drills, team games, to build confidence , self esteem,  discipline & team skills.

Time : Saturday  5- 6 pm 
Where: Adventist Field   
Age : 6- 11 years 


  • 8 week prepaid sign: MYR 200 (MYR 25 per session)
  • Walk-in: MYR 30 per session

Places limited !!

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  • Phone: +6 012 4594728 
  • Email: bootcamp.pg@gmail.com