The Team
At Warrior we have a team of  handpicked professionals with unique backgrounds & knowledge.They bring exceptional leadership, honesty ,energy, personality and practical “know how “ Their mission is to deliver fun, challenging training that builds real physical fitness, teamwork and mental resilience.

Their collective knowledge ranges from Health and Fitness , Sports Coaching , Strength & Conditioning , Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Psychology , Corporate Coaching, Military Fitness, Diving,  Survival Training , Outdoor Pursuits , Paramedical , Mountaineering , Leadership and Management   


Conor is an ex Military Special Forces  physical training Instructor with over 20 years  of experience preparing the best soldiers to survive  and thrive in   high risk, dynamic and  challenging environments.  

Known for his tough but effective trainings (don’t worry, he’s actually a soft gentle giant beneath it all), expect a lot of  military influenced circuits. He also knows all the tricks, especially if you’re trying to cheat by running across the field cutting the distance into half instead of full. Yes, he’d seen and heard it all; the excuses people give to get out of exercises.   

"Excuses are like asses – everybody has one."  "You can run but you can’t hide" 

There’s a reason behind the stern training; Conor believes that sometimes the direct is the best way. We all find way too many excuses not to exercise.

His objective when setting up WBC was to help you achieve what you think you CAN’T do.  ‘It’s all in the mind’ - is one of his favorite phrases. If you think you can, YOU CAN. The first step towards better health & fitness is actually making the effort to SHOW UP at training and from there on, leave it to the coaching team to ‘mold’ and ‘shape’ you towards your goals.  

When he's not coaching he is also active in Ultra running, Mountaineering, Leadership & Team building  and Dragon boat racing.

Chin Lee

More commonly known to the recruits as the Toning Queen, Chin Lee is infamously known for her extreme toning exercises that will make your muscles cry and beg for mercy BUT be thankful for the next day.  Having been a fitness instructor for the past 19 years specializing in kickboxing, circuit training and step aerobics , it’s no wonder Chin Lee has a vast number of followers who have been her students for a very long time. 

Her trainings often involve a lot of muscle group toning as well as burst interval trainings. She also incorporates a mix of step aerobics into the trainings in hope to bring in something a little different than the normal cardio exercises. The recruits would be groaning and moaning about having to perform the exercises but the next day, everyone will go about happily telling each other how their muscles have toned and tighten overnight. The perfect example of ‘No pain, no gain’.

Apart from teaching Bootcamp, she is also actively involved in kickboxing, running, circuit training, hillwalking, diving, swimming and wind surfing.


Roger is known as Mr Plank; a nickname given by the recruits due to his tendency and likeliness to give core workouts especially plank exercises.  If you’re looking to strengthen and tone the flab you’ve moaning to do something about, Roger is the man for you.

Roger specializes in outdoor training and diving while he also actively competes in marathons, triathlons, duathlons, mountain biking, road biking and power man events! His usual workout on a Sunday morning would be to cycle up Penang hill not once but TWICE! When asked if he could be telling you everything, he would say ‘I can tell you anything but I can’t tell you how to beat me in running. 

Roger came second place in the Penang International Triathlon / Duathlon 2013 race where he participated in the duathlon, beating thousands of other contestants who took part in the race.


Is known by the recruits as the games master . He is a former hockey player, captain and current coach for the state team. 

Harjit is very creative and likes to add fun elements into the trainings by introducing different games in each session. These games usually involve teamwork to create a little competition among the recruits. Don’t worry, as tiring  his games can be they are sure to have everyone smiling. 

He also coaches the MPPP dragon boat and marathon teams having led them in competitions both locally and abroad.When he’s not involved with Bootcamp and coaching activities, Harjit likes to dedicate his time to family & providing free aerobic classes to the Cheshire Home. 

Chin Chin

Chin Chin is a runner, cyclist, triathlete and all round adrenaline junkie. Chin Chin brings to Bootcamp 7 years of experience in fitness and endurance sports. With her wealth of knowledge across so many disciplines, Chin Chin can help you achieve your fitness goals, enhance your physique, and make sure you have fun along the way too! Be prepared for lung busting cardio and explosive strength exercises with her!

Chin Chin is a familiar face in the endurance circles of Malaysia having participated in numerous marathons, duathlon and triathlon events. She is often a podium finisher and has won 4th best Malaysian women marathoner in Penang Bridge International Marathon for the years of 2010 and 2012.


Jee has been in working in the fitness industry for 9 years  and is passionate about helping  people get fit and lose weight. To the team, he is known as the TRX master and delivers body blasting boot camp circuits which will get you ripped and toned in no time.

He is also trained in anatomy and exercise physiology, is ACE certified plus has in-depth experience in circuit training and group/individual fitness. His other specialist areas are obesity prevention & injury management. 


Kelvin extols the real benefits of getting outdoors in team based training. His goal is to help guide everyone to achieve more than they believe they can do. Expect lots of fun team based workouts & practical advice. He gets great satisfaction in seeing everyone getting fit and enjoying themselves.

When not coaching Kelvin competes in marathons, 100k Ultra Marathon Trail races, and Ironman Events. 

Start by doing what is NECESSARY
Then do what’s POSSIBLE
And suddenly you’re doing the IMPOSSIBLE.