Friday, November 25, 2011

Morning Bootcamp

“ Bootcamp is too tough lah" THE REALITY

Bootcamp is tough , but the reality is yes it has to be tough if you realistically want to see results. Getting over this first mental hurdle is the biggest obstacle you will face

'But I go to the gym"

But what do you do in the gym, be honest with yourself. You probably jump on a few of the machines , pump a few weights & exercise the eyes plus spend a fortune on protein shakes. In fact the reality is most people who join a gym FAIL to see any results and with the free soft drinks on offer you may even put on weight.

Bootcamp is different in that our recruits lose weight and get fitter why because we create an environment where you are motivated to succeed. We build not only physical fitness but mental toughness. People (predominantly women) who join our classes love it and come back for more and more.In fact we will also reward you for consistent attendance at classes by charging you less the next month.

So what stopping you its time to get out of the comfort zone !