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Ai Ping
*It has now been a year since I joined Bootcamp and it has definitely been one of the best decisions I ever made. In Bootcamp, you are pushed to the limits you never thought you could reach, and you come to realize that your full potential is a lot greater than you thought it was. I also love the fact that I have finally found a community in Penang that loves the outdoors- be it hiking, running, or exercising- as much as I do. 

Before joining Bootcamp, I was an occasional (and very slow) runner whose maximum distance had been 10km. After more than 6 months of not running, I was convinced I could not run more than a 5k. To my surprise (and great delight), all those Bootcamp sessions had greatly increased my stamina and endurance, to the point that on my first long run with fellow Bootcampers, I set a new distance record for myself- running 14km. Ever since then, I have been encouraged and have found great joy in achieving new milestones, be it running my first half marathon, or being able to hold a plank for longer than I used to be able to. Without Bootcamp, its community support (and accountability) it gives me, I would never have had the mental strength to achieve this on my own.


*Having a busy and tight schedule in my daily life as a fashion designer, I always try to find time for my exercise routine; and that's where I join up with Warrior Bootcamp. I've been with WBC for more than one year now. I feel and look so much better, and the improvement to my self-confidence is endless. Another benefit that I was not expecting is that I have learned to enjoy exercise and recognise the benefits of a regular exercise programme. Recently I stopped for nearly a month, and I realized my strength & immune system aren't as strong as before, cause I get sick easily. I believe growing strength, balancing health & staying fit are what make me so passionate about this boot camp. 
Believe it or not, I may be a dramatic in my fashion life but I'm definitely not in Warrior bootcamp. 


*I recently relocated to Penang from America. Prior to joining Warrior Bootcamp, I was checking around the island for gyms join. I was searching for a place that was cost efficient, comprehensive, motivating (well as motivating as going to the gym can be), and had personal trainers/training available. Nonetheless, I came up empty-handed. As a former college athlete, I love sports and being active; however, my life over the last few years has been anything but lively. I was running one day in Youth Park and happened to see Warrior Bootcamp. I had no clue what it was but it looked interesting. So I did what all people do when they see something that intrigues them, I googled it. As I was perusing over the webpage, lo and behold, this what exactly what I had been looking for and so much more! 

I am now in my fifth week. One of my favorite aspects of Bootcamp is that it is fun (yes you heard me correctly), outdoors, has the feeling of a personal trainer, and never the same. This has definitely helped to keep me motivated. With healthy eating habits and Bootcamp three times a week, I am very pleased with the 7kg weight reduction as well as the 20cm I have lost around my body. Most people look forward to the “losing” aspect of working out and training, but I have found that I have gained more than just a temporary fix to a problem. I have a solution; it is a lifestyle change for me. I am not only physically strong, but I am mentally stronger as well. Furthermore, I feel as though I am part of a team again. I promise you; it will hurt. But the results are worth it.

     Phaik Hoon

*Firstly I would like to thank my friend Annie for introducing me to Warrior Bootcamp. Since last year June when I finally hit 45, I realised that I should have healthy lifestyle by doing some exercises, so I started to do light walking almost everyday at the garden near my house for about 40 minutes each time. I started to realise that it is a good habit and I started to feel healthier.

And when I started Bootcamp mid of Nov 2012 up until today for about 6 months now, my weight has reduced about 4-5kgs, but the importance here is not to lose weight; it is how I have learned the right way to perform different type of exercises to keep myself healthy. The second thing that WBC has taught me is to be persistence and disciplined in my workouts. I try not to miss any session if I can. Last but not least, it is definitely great to get to know more new friends.

*Prior to joining WBC’s training, I tried many diets and exercises on my own but I would never to be able to successfully lose any weight. My aim is to lose is 6kgs, so I decided to join WBC to change my lifestyle. After 3 months (since Feb 17, 2013) of serious trainings for at least 3 times a week, I lost 4 kgs and also inches on the body. Now I'm proud to say I can finally put back on my old trousers and I look great too. I am hoping to lose a few more kgs by the end of June so I will keep it up. This program is fantastic, thank you WBC

     Wei Jian

*Warrior Bootcamp has the right professionals to effectively motivate me in becoming a stronger person through sweat, teamwork, determination. I saw fruitful results within months and now able run in marathons which was impossible for me before. Thank you Warrior Bootcamp!


*I really like good food so moving to Penang as an expat 2 years ago was a great experience but unfortunately not so good for my weight with all the food temptations that are available here. Towards the end of 2012 I decided that I need to find an exercise form that fits my needs and helps me lose weight. I found out about  Warrior Bootcamp and decided to try it. Honestly the first times was really hard and I had a tough time completing the entire hour but the instructors and the other people in the group were really encouraging and supportive so I decided to continue. One thing that really kept me motivated was one of the instructors saying “It’s not how fast you go, it’s how much effort you put in to it”. Anyway since January this year I have been doing Bootcamp 2-3 times every week and during that time I have lost 8 kg and I can really feel how much my stamina has improved.

The best part of Warrior Bootcamp (except that it actually works for losing weight) is that you meet nice people, get great support from the instructors, get to do exercise outdoors and also that every single training session is different so you don’t get bored doing the same exercises. I really encourage everybody to try a session and see for yourself, I’m sure you will like it.


*I like being part of a team. It's nice to do something with other people. I like the fact that I get pushed to the limit of my ability. By myself I'd just do the bare minimum. I'm much fitter, I feel so much better, I've got more stamina, more able to do things. I run 10km twice a week and did the half marathon. Bootcamp is suitable for every level of fitness. Come along, give it a go, you'll reap the benefits.

*I used to run 3 times a week but after coming to bootcamp for 6 months, I can see and feel a big difference. My body is much more shaped. The instructors are highly trained, motivating, very friendly and use a variety of training methods. The group is a mixture of nationalities, fitness levels and ages. We always have a laugh. Everyone is welcome and you can train at your own level. I really enjoy it. Come and try it yourself!


*Bootcamp has not only helped to improve my fitness and stamina, it also helped me to be stronger mentally.


*Prior to bootcamp, the only exercise I had every week is mall-athon. I despise outdoor activities and sweating was disgusting. I joined bootcamp beginning of June out of boredom.Still remember my first session at Youth Park and I barely survived. But due to the encouragement and persistency from the trainers and recruits, I had managed to endure the tough training and this resulted in vast improvement in both form and stamina. Bootcamp had help me to discover my passion and potential in long distance running and I had been participating in many local races since then. Bootcamp is not just another fitness camp, it's a niche environment of bonding between the recruits and trainer that make this program special, effective and fun. I had become more confident, positive and fitter than ever in my 30 years of life. My life had been officially transformed and I never look back since. Thank you Warrior Bootcamp.

*When you are living in a different country and continent, our life could be difficult to manage. Finding a place to do exercise where the coaches enjoy their work and push you to give your best effort is really motivating. That place is Warrior Bootcamp.
I have always thought that my best workout is kick boxing but now I can say the same for Bootcamp, it is my best. Warrior Bootcamp changes many things in me; I can manage and control my mind, I can challenge myself to do the best not only in my sports life but also in any small or big issues, and no less important I feel really great in my costume (my body). 

*I found out about Warrior Bootcamp back in September 2011 and decided to try it out. At that time I was 50 years old, overweight and unfit. I remember my first session, barely being able to run without feeling out of breath. After consistently attending sessions, firstly twice a week and now three times a week, my fitness has improved dramatically.

Today, I am 15kgs lighter and I recently ran a 7km race without stopping or feeling breathless. I would recommend Warrior Bootcamp for anyone who enjoys exercising out of doors and wants to be with a motivating group of people and instructors.

*I first joined Warrior Bootcamp 4 months after having my first baby. I’d been a regular gym junkie before this but Warrior Bootcamp has changed my perception of how I can get fit in a different way – it’s like personal training (with a bunch of different trainers!), physical and mental conditioning all rolled into one. And the best part is, you get to do all that in the great outdoors! I know bootcamp works because I ran my 2nd half marathon (less than a year after having a baby) way faster than I did for my 1st half marathon (before I got pregnant). A big thank you for all the support and encouragement from the Warrior Bootcamp trainers and the warriors!

Before I joined Warrior Bootcamp, I’ve never done any physically challenging exercise apart from a few sessions of belly dancing every now and then.  Needless to say, I’ve never been able to run much before in my life prior to bootcamp. When my friend brought me along to try it out, it was hard but I started to enjoy it slowly and now, tremendously. I enjoy working out in groups, being able to run with the other recruits turned friends and have fun at the same time. There are joy and laughter most times, that if our faces are not cringing in pain from the workouts. Good news is that I’ve managed to lose some weight too.

My greatest achievement from bootcamp is being able to complete a 10k run in the last Merdeka Run. It’s a great milestone for me and I will try to achieve more. Warrior Bootcamp is addictive, one day without it is like not being able to scratch a great itch. 

*“My friends told me I’ve lost weight but I think the greatest achievement is definitely the improved fitness level and stamina. When I go to the gym or do my own runs alone, I don’t get pushed but it’s different with Warrior Bootcamp. I get pushed by the instructors to do achieve more and that helps a lot.”

    Kin Wai
*“The bootcamp recruits only confessional  food blog (private closed group) has encouraged me to eat healthier … possibly due to peer pressure in a way haha Now I have improved stamina, am thinner and fitter! Oh yes, new social friends too!”

*"I'm Adeline and I’ve joined bootcamp for 9 months now. From being extremely unfit, I have seen my body grow to enjoy exercise and running and now I can say I'm pretty fit to even tackle a 10km run. I particularly love training in a group as it embodies team support, encouragement, empathy and friendly bonding. These..., you can't get from training in a gym. Trainers are truly supportive, encouraging, down to earth and are great motivators. Warrior Bootcamp has indeed boosted my morale and my love for sports."

   Suan Choo
*"Step classes, gym memberships, even tried self-training at home for a bit but for the past one year or so, Warrior Bootcamp has been the most effective at helping me attain my exercise goals – a healthy lifestyle, improved fitness and weight maintenance. The variety of exercises that comes with the many different trainers not only brings diversity into the programme but also make you work on the different muscles groups which we tend to ignore when we just hone in on one type of exercise. Sure, some exercises never fail to incite a groan or two but completing them only brings satisfaction (and more groaning) of physical and mental achievement. 

Plus it is always fun."

*“Honestly I would say that I was someone who didn't really enjoy exercising and I arrived at Warrior Bootcamp feeling not so great about my overall fitness. But coming here has changed my whole perception about healthy living. It has not only improved my fitness level, but has helped me improved my overall lifestyle.

Our training time together has truly been life changing for me! So much more than I had expected when I came 6 months ago. Every workout was so different, I like that the program varies constantly, but what pushes the place over the top are the people and environment. The instructors are supportive, motivating and fun. They push a little further and made me do more than what I thought I could ever do. We get our workouts done and still manage to have a lot of fun in the process. I never knew it was possible for me to sweat so much, and even complete a 10km marathon within a decent time, from just a few months training. I am truly proud of myself! I honestly can't say enough about this place. Thanks to Warrior Bootcamp!  I cannot imagine my life without it now – it’s my kind of therapy!”

*Results Disclaimer*
Achieving optimal health and fitness is not an exact science and requires the combination of motivation, regular exercise , nutrition and lifestyle to achieve desired goals. Results may vary from individual to individual. 

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  1. Having joined Bootcamp just over a month ago I have only wonderful things to say about it.

    If you are like me and find running or exercising in a gym lifeless, cold and intimidating (to the point where it makes me less likely to want to exercise) then this is the place for you.
    All classes are given in the great outdoors. No two classes are ever the same and they are always packed with lots of fun as well as hard work.
    For me the best two things about it are, one, the classes are given by instructors with many years experience in all areas of fitness and sports health, and they genuinely seem care about you and your health. Secondly is the camaraderie that is evident even on your first day. As an expat married to a local Penangite settling into a land and culture so completely different my own has had its challenges. Not only has Bootcamp given me a focus regarding my fitness, but it has helped me with the isolation that goes with moving from one country/culture to another.

    I highly recommend giving it a go and I am confident you will love it and want to keep coming back for more. They also cater for all ages and ALL level of fitness. I wish I had found them sooner.