Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What ever happened to the humble Push Up - by C

What ever happened to the humble push up ? Have we overlooked it in our quest for new fangled often over hyped fitness solutions.

The fact is the humble push up is a highly effective, versatile body weight exercise that can be done anytime anywhere .

Another fact is that the humble push up can build power, muscle mass , core strength, tone and burn calories & has 100 different versions.

Some examples are :

1. The standard Push Up : Shoulder width , narrow, wide arms, diamond , offset, incline , decline , standing arm push-up

2. Pylometric Push Up: Explosive push up , clear hands before returning to the ground

3. Static Pushup : Hold the push-up position for a period of time to feel the burn

An example of a push-up workout:

25 reps - Normal

25 - Wide arm

25 - Inclined

25 - Declined

25 - Offset

25- Hand clap Push-ups

1 minute - plank

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